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Mindful birth and Mothering

Childbirth is a normal physiological process and our bodies inherently possess a primal, instinctive and intuitive wisdom to bear a child. However, the modern woman is a blur of activity, she is pressured to be all things to all people. This reality often distracts women from their ability to trust in their body, spirit and mind to innately birth their baby.

A woman who trusts in the process of birth, who trusts her body and is free of fear is very powerful. Her birth and mothering hormones are abundant and she has a heightened capacity to be instinctive in her behaviour. She possesses great endurance, strength and love.

Birth is raw, intuitive and primal, it is nothing to fear.

Motherseed was developed as a mindful birth and mothering program to improve birthing outcomes for women and their babies. The program draws on years of experience of midwife Melina Rainger who has spent her career working with women to promote instinctive birth. The Motherseed program is founded in scientifically supported research to facilitate normal birth. The science is delivered with a blend of mindfulness techniques that together prepare the mind, body and heart for birth and mothering.

Services We Offer

Mindful labour and birth program

A Comprehensive Mindful Labour and Birth Education program in a small group workshop

Online Mindful labour and birth program

Access the Mindful Labour and Birth Education Program online in the comfort of your own home

Mothering and Breastfeeding Support in your home

Personalised Home visiting Service 

Working through Birth Trauma

One on One personalised Support

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Pregnancy, Labour and Birth Care in Your own home

Private Midwifery care with your own midwife

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